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DEBO® compact laminate indoor paneling system is made up of DEBO compact laminate and dedicated metal frame structure. The wall system has horizontal adjustment of three-dimensional direction, so all the pipelines and potentials can reach locations you need, and it can take in all kinds of facilities like fire box, electronic control system, instrumentation, and so on to keep the wall neat. By doing so, the wall is not only beautiful, but also convenient to do the periodical maintenance.

DEBO compact panel used in indoor wall has been widely concerned. Especially in the hospital, traffic inspection building, immigration hall, public area et al. Its superior performance in impact resistance, compressive resistance, anti bacteria is particularly prominent. Even in the power plant, electrical housing larger radiation workplace, DEBO compact panel is an ideal choice for wall surface protection and decoration.

DEBO wall system can be divided into dry hanging and paste type. Both of them used the DEBO compact panel, back board and the antibacterial metal frame structure. Dry hanging type is free disassembly, easy installation and easy routine maintenance; Paste type is fast installation, but can’t be removed after fixation. The DEBO wall panel system is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as humidity, high cleanliness and acid and alkali corrosion resistance. The pipeline of the dry hanging system can be installed in the wallboard, and it is convenient to set up some concealed maintenance modules at the same time. DEBO wall board has achieved unique indoor visual decorative effects and value, creating a unique public space.

DEBO wall system can easily give the interior space in any you want style and creativity at the same time, it can resist all kinds of perfect all you can think of or unexpected damage, so as to combine the humanities and modern science and technology perfect.






a.board: 4-6mm DEBO plate dry paste compact panel, dry hanging 8-10mm DEBO compact panel;

b. aluminum alloy tubes: wall thickness greater than 1, specification 25*25mm;

c. L: corner wall thickness is equal to 2mm;

d. expansion screws, self tapping screws or core rivets;

e. adhesive: dry paste use recommended selleys nail free glue, can be used to paste compact panel and Aluminum Alloy square;

f. double-sided adhesive: use when the paste thickness of about 1, the plate and square glue fixed for a certain time, so use double-sided adhesive first fixed a few points.

g. aluminium alloy cross keel (used for dry hanging);

h. Aluminum Alloy hung code, under the code (hanging use)

Process requirements:

a. aluminum alloy sections must be oxidized;

b. vertical keel spacing shall not be greater than 400mm;

c. Before glue, the glue on the aluminum alloy square tube and the board should be cleaned;

d. adhesive used in strict accordance with the instructions used for bonding.