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DEBO® was founded in 2004 with a strong commitment to “Innovating Decorative Boards” ---Compact Laminate and the InnovativeApplications. We commit to enhance the quality of the public environment included health, security, comfort and sustainability through the use of high-performance materials. After 12 years of development, DEBO has become a leading brand in supplying toilet cubicle systems and the assorted facilities. Whether it is office, school, hospital, stadium, airport etc, DEBO not only beautifies the public environment, but also provides individual inspiring space for everyone.

DEBO Toilet Cubicle Systems can be applied to both dry and wet areas. Whether economical or high-end design, DEBO can offer you rational advice focusing on durability and low cost for maintenance without scarifying its using function.

The excellent performance of DEBO Toilet Cubicle Systems arises from the use of the original DEBO Compact Laminate which is extremely suitable for applications that are imperious to moisture, totally hygienic and virtually indestructible. Combined with modern hardware of various types, DEBO creates an unique public health space.

DEBO Toilet Cubicle Systems devote to providing customized and integrated solution for public washrooms. We implement the architect's creative designs, meet the core values of the property owners, use state-of-the-art production technology, and strive to provide unique washroom partitions.


•  Proper air ventilation access 

•  High wear and abrasion resistance 

•  Antibacterial and secure 

•  Humid and high moisture resistance

•  Various colors and exclusive designsblic health space.


Step 1. Enquiry

Call our sales team. Our knowledgeable and friendly team will be at your specification to provide samples and right advice of any kind. 

Step 2. Quote

By estimating your specification, our dedicated sales & technicians team will deliver the quotes mostly in 24 hours with a CAD shop drawing for your review. 

Step 3. Production

Production is planned immediately after order confirmation from you. We will monitor closely to your specs, working efficiently to finish manufacturing ASAP, and deliver the goods with safe and fast manner. 

Step 4. Installation

Installation is basically executed for most of domestic projects. However, our skilled and international  can  help  you  onsite  in  anywhere  of  the  world  with  technical  support throughout the installation process. 

Step 5. Maintenance

After-sales service and support is very important to enable the products used longer and stayed nicer. We will provide repair and maintenance advice to you at all times you need. 



Partition Size: Standard 900mm W x 1500mm D x 1958mm H from FFL.

Front height: 1958mm measured from FFL to the top headrail including 

100mm floor clearance. 

Depth: Standard 1500mm. Available in 1200mm / 1500mm /1800mm


Door height: 1798mm. Available in 1200mm / 1500mm. 

Color/Finish (Panels/Doors): Selected from DEBO Compact Laminate 

color chart 2016. 

Edge treatment: Polished black radiused edge.