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Whether used Indoor or Outdoor, DEBO solid core Compact Laminate tabletop has became the choice of the new era. Thanks to its solid core and excellent surface prosperities, it always satisfies not only density and also design requirement. The original DEBO Compact Laminate can be cut, rounded, milled, drilled etc by CNC machine with diamond tooling for any shapes required. Different designs and sizes are available to meet diverse needs.

In industrial field, DEBO Compact Laminate is made into worktop or BenchTop of machinery and work counter. Through cut and engrave etc, the panel is automatically processed into desired shapes. In residential field, comparing with traditional tabletop materials such as MFC with PVC edging, MDF with powder coating, and wooden tops, DEBO HPL tabletops are truly high density.Because of the solid core and melamine surface, DEBO HPL Table Tops possess a volume of features and specialties, especially the outdoor grade HPL table tops formed for exposures to outdoor weather condition for a long time period. DEBO HPL Tabletops are naturally simple because of the fabricating and finishing. The slim body looks extremely concise and durable. DEBO HPL Table Tops feature a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes that meet diversity and beauty.


•  Resistant to UV and weather change (Applied for Exterior)

•  Resistant to stain and corrosion

•  Strong resistance to impact 

•  Highly resistant to wear, ideal for application where frequent cleaning is necessary

•  Resistant to water and heat

•  Resistant to cigarette burns

•  Totally hygienic

•  High functionality and aesthetics

•  Easy to maintain, can clean stains by water or liquid detergent