DEBO® Compact FiberBoard is an innovative, robust, and high density(≥1200 kg/m3 ) wood based fiberboard. The raw core is black colored and made up of wood fibers impregnated with thermosetting resin. The surface layer(s) on  both sides are decor papers, having decorative colors or designs that are impregnated with melamine based resin. These two components are bonded together under high pressure and temperature to obtain an integrated decorative material.




DEBO® Compact Fiberboard can be used as extremely strong supporting board. Thanks to its distinctive black coloring and the compact density core, the board has excellent machinability into the depth of the panel to create unique furniture and building design. It can also be used as an attractive surface by its versatile melamine resin treated decors.

DEBO® offers a wide range of designs in respect of colors, patterns, textures, and individual concept. As a standard, DEBO® Compact FiberBoard come with decors on both sides in suede finish. However, only the RAW CORE is also available on request. 

DEBO® provides hundreds of plain colors, wood grains, stones, and individual decor processed by our cutting-edge digital printing equipment. 

We are able to help you to fulfill your imagination. 

New Color, remix, compact laminate, Urban Classic

01 1933.jpg

1933 Mission White

02 1932.jpg

1932 Antique White

03 1949.jpg

1949 Titan White

04 1927.jpg

1927 Light Grey

05 1905.jpg

1905 Oyster Grey 

06 1477.jpg

1477 Green

07 1884.jpg

1884 China Blue

08 1948.jpg

1948 Orchi

09 1974.jpg

1974 Grass Green

10 1012.jpg

1912 Storm


1963 Khaki

12 1909.jpg

1909 Black

13 29405.jpg

29405 Wenge W

14 20001.jpg

20001 Red Elm

15 22071.jpg

22071 Olmo

16 23200.jpg

23200 Horiz Cherry 

17 21199.jpg

21199 W Plum 

18 22904.jpg

22904 Wild Cherry

19 22005.jpg

22005 Thai Teak

20 21105.jpg

21105 North Walnut





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