DEBO® Compact Laminate is a solid, robust and high density (≥1350kg/m³) paper based decorative building material. Built by advanced HPL production technology and formulated by high quality core material and décor papers, DEBO® Compact Laminate is waterproof, fire retardant, scratch and wear resistant. It is ideally used in interior environment, both horizontal and vertical building structure where aesthetics and durability are highly demanded. DEBO® Compact Laminate also performs exceptionally in heavy loading places with high humidity, where toughness, performance and strong visual appeal are highly demanded. DEBO® Compact Laminate INTERIOR are available in STANDRD COMPACT GRADE, FIRE-RATED COMPACT GRADE, and ANTI-BACTERIA COMPACT GRADE.



DEBO Phenolic Compact Laminate is an extremely versatile material with excellent mechanical properties.  It is ideal for use in areas subject to intensive use, and applications as vertical and horizontal surfaces where design, hygiene and durability are highly demanded. 

DEBO Phenolic Compact Laminate is available in a variety of colors, finishes and patterns for the decor layer. It has also a comprehensive range of sheet sizes and thicknesses for different applications. Specific applications may include partitions, cubicles, lockers, industrial worktops, furnitures and etc. 

DEBO Phenolic Compact Laminate is recommended for interior use only. However, DEBO Exterior Panels for outdoor use are also available and produced in some specific colors. Please enquire our sales team for more information. 

New Color, remix, compact laminate, Urban Classic

01 1949.jpg

1949 Titan White

02 1922.jpg

1922 Song White

04 1459.jpg

1459 Snow White

03 1933.jpg

1933 Mission Grey

05 1927.jpg

1927 Light Grey 

06 1433.jpg

1433 Pea Green

07 1932.jpg

1932 Antique White

08 1983.jpg

1983 Rice Yellow

11 1928.jpg

1928 Mouse Grey

12 1912.jpg

1912 Storm

21 1477.jpg

1477 Green

24 1448.jpg

1448 Yellow

23 1795.jpg

1795 Orange

22 1845.jpg

1845 Spectrum Red

20 1803.jpg

1803 Red Date

30 1827.jpg

1827 Pink

16 1069.jpg

1069 Active Green

15 1368.jpg

1368 Deep Green

29 1884.jpg

1884 China Blue

19 1909.jpg

1909 Black


1938 Gooseberry

27 1631.jpg

1631 Light Green

31 1449.jpg

1449 Lapis

28 1851.jpg

1851 Spectrum Blue


34100 Athena


34114 Torato

34459 Aliso G.jpg

34459 Aliso G

37300 Loft.jpg

37300 Loft

37100 Venice.jpg

37100 Venice

38800 Ironi.jpg

38800 Ironi

38902 Cipo.jpg

38902 Cipo

33 29571.jpg

29571 Amber Maple

34 29573.jpg

29573 White Oak

35 29116.jpg

29116 Multi

36 22567.jpg

22567 Copper Beech

39 29197.jpg

29197 Bamboo

37 29576.jpg

29576 Grey Drawbench

23806 Horiz Noce.jpg

23806 Horiz Noce

38 28576.jpg

28576 Cherry

41 22904.jpg

22904 Wild Cherry

44 28578.jpg

28578 Sapele

23200 Horiz Cherry.jpg

23200 Horiz Cherry

29401 Wenge Z.jpg

29401 Wenge Z

45 27188.jpg

27188 Walnut

46 29578.jpg

29578 Mali Wenge

29405 Wenge W.jpg

29405 Wenge W

59 21195.jpg

21195 Wallis P

23869 Pink Oak.jpg

23869 Pink Oak

29400 Wenge G.jpg

29400 Wenge G

29577 Inox Drawbench.jpg

29577 Inox Drawbench

23900 Horiz Oak.jpg

23900 Horiz Oak

64 2001.jpg

20001 Red Elm

23122 FR Oak.jpg

23122 FR Oak

23853 Forest Oak.jpg

23853 Forest Oak

25207 Slim Oak.jpg

25207 Slim Oak

68 21199.jpg

21199 W Plum

69 22005.jpg

22005 Thai Teak

70 21105.jpg

21105 North Walnut





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