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DEBO® HPL lockers are made of 100% original DEBO High Pressure Compact Laminate (also named “Phenolic Sheet”) that is solid, safe and extremely durable. DEBO team keeps pace with the time, using multipurpose DEBO Compact Laminate and modern electronic technology to design and produce lockers, committing to providing security and peace of mind and convenience to user’s lives.

The Lockers mainly composed of cabinet and locks. Apart from the production of solid and safe cabinet, we also give full consideration to the fittings and locks. In addition to meeting security and the user’s convenience, we also consider the convenience and maintenance costs of management, so that the ultimate customer can achieve the ultimate experience.

DEBO Locker systems meet both wet and dry conditions. Ultra-high density DEBO Compact Laminate presents remarkable performance in resistance to wear, steam, impact, scratches etc and totally hygienic. DEBO Locker systems are exceptionally suitable for damp areas like high-end fitness clubs, SPA houses, swimming pools, theme parks and sport center etc. They can also be used in schools, hospitals where hygiene and safety are highly concerned. Moreover, DEBO Locker system provides various designs, flexible combination, and dedicates to customized designs.


•  Water, humidity and impact resistance

•  High wear and abrasion resistance

•  Extra-tough and environment-friendly

•  Germ free and secure

•  Intelligent security locking system

•  Easy to clean and no special maintenance required

•  Well design for easy installation

DEBO L126 and L138 compact panel cabinet series

Each cabinet size is wide 300mm x, deep 450mm x, high 1800mm plus 100mm foundation frame, using aluminum or aluminum frame system connection. The hinges of L126 and L138 are made of stainless steel and aluminium alloy respectively.

Material: DEBO solid core compact panel

Color of door panel: please refer to DEBO color card

Edge details: rounded corners, radius edges

Hook / ETONG: style clothing design and visibility or hook

Main color: DEBO#1932, lotus, white, also can be made according to requirements with the door color

Lock: Standard L4 mechanical lock. Another digital lock, IC card lock or padlock for matching

Number plate: PVC material, and laser and engraving types for selection

Anchor: compact plate anchor box, placed on the ground height of 100/150mm used for placing a group of lockers


The bench is the basic configuration of the locker room, DEBO offers a variety of hardware materials and design styles to choose; at the same time, use DEBO bench is very wide, can be used as a playground bench rest, but also can be used as a public place for the bench. The style is flexible and the material is durable.

Board: 12mm DEBO compact panel

Hardware: stainless steel, iron powder treatment or aluminum alloy

Style: bilateral, unilateral, no back and bend four

Size: Standard Specification: wide 400mm x, high 400mm x long 1800mm

Length: 1.2m/1.5m/1.8m/2.4m