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DEBO door system is basically made from solid phenolic HPL, an environmentally friendly but extremely durable decorative building material manufactured under high pressure and high temperature. Innovated with their anti-bacterial treatment and featured by their resistance to wear and tear, scratch and impact, DEBO door system ® offers a revolutionary concept of novelty, safety, and durability for interior doors.

DEBO compact laminate doors are mainly composed of HPL compact laminates, aluminum profile and aluminum honeycombs. The door leaf is filled with the aluminum honeycomb, with 3-4mm high performance solid compact laminate attached in both sides. The aluminum profile is inserted around the edge as the door frame for reinforcement. 

Benefit from the high performance materials of HPL compact laminate, DEBO door system is high resistance to moisture and humidity and stand out in hygiene and environmental protection. In addition to meet the aesthetics and durability, DEBO doors are also easy to install and convenient to clean. 

Wide range of colors and designs for the surface of HPL compact laminate, along with the stable structure, DEBO door system aims to achieve a speciously looking and long-lasting use for the ultimate experience.


•  Excellent hygiene properties

•  Effectively restrain the growth of bacteria

•  With greater dimensional stability and flatness

•  Exceptionally durable and cost-effective

•  Excellent scratch resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance

•  Suitable for heavy-duty use

•  Discoloration-resistant